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Probate and Estates

Making a Will to safeguard your family assets after death is an important exercise, particularly to ensure that your grieving loved ones are not burdened with difficulties arising out of the administration of your estate in the absence of a Will. Obtaining a grant of probate is the first step in the process of administering and proving a Will of a deceased person.

A Grant of Probate enables an Executor or Administrator to administer and finalise a deceased person’s legal and financial affairs. We offer assistance applying for a Grant of probate, as well as other estate administration matters, including in circumstances where a deceased person has not left a Will. Further the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) provides for eligible persons to apply for what is known as a family provision claim. This type of claim is an application to the Court to seek sufficient and adequate provision from an Estate of a deceased person. If you are considering lodging a family provision claim, or seek advice as to your eligibility, we suggest you contact us.